Graham Russell of “Air Supply”

Graham Russell the guitarist and songwriter of the iconic “Air Supply” joined Nasty Neal!
– 45 years of Air Supply
Russell Hitchcock
“The Beatles” inspiration
“Lost In Love Experience”
Jim Steinman
– poetry and more!

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Video interview with Graham Russell of the legendary rock band “Air Supply”

James Le Gros

James Le Gros of “Drugstore Cowboy”, “Justified” and more talked about his new film “Phoenix, Oregon”! James also talked about working with Jesse Borrego, Diedrich Bader, his favorite books, podcasts, independent films and more!

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“Growing Up”  by Eytan Mirsky

Camille Hollett-French


Camille Hollett-French filmmaker and actor of the new short anthology “Her Story : Told In 3 Parts” covering writing, directing and starring in her films. Telling stories involving the shame of sexual assault. The aftermath of abuse. Balancing mental health with creativity. Festivals and more!

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“Growing Up”  by Eytan Mirsky

Jesse Borrego

Iconic actor Jesse Borrego joined Neal for an epic 2 1/2 hour interview! Covering his new film Phoenix Oregon opening March 20th with a revolutionary new option to view at home! Working with James LeGros, Diedrich Bader, Lisa Edelstein, Kevin Corrigan and director Gary Lundgren. The relatability of the story and characters. Independent cinema, how the Marvel type blockbusters are hurting the cinema chances for smaller films. His break out performance in Fame and what it meant to him. His legacy as a Latino actor what that is important to him. Working with Danny Trejo, Nicolas Cage, Kiefer Sutherland and more! His character arc on 24. Working alongside Jimmy Smits on season 3 of Dexter. Con Air and playing basketball with John Malkovich. Passion for the arts and what you love. South Texas filmmakers. Film festivals.  The importance of homemade tortillas and so much more!

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“Growing Up”  by Eytan Mirsky

Bruce Sudano


Bruce Sudano covering so much ground. The fall of Disco, being in an interracial relationship in the 70s, the passing of his wife Donna Summers, the emotional aspect of writing and performing music, storytelling through music, changes in the industry, upcoming Donna Summers documentary etc. So much more, even some accordion talk.

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“With Him” by “Bruce Sudano”