Christopher Serrone of Goodfellas

Christopher Serrone of Goodfellas covering the making of the film, working with Ray Liotta, Paul Sorvino, Robert DeNiro,  Joe Pesci, Tony Sirico, Martin Scorsese, how the movie changed his life at a young age, charity, the real Henry Hill, what he’s up to now and more.

“One For My Baby” cover by Patrick Barnitt

Gianni Russo of The Godfather

First episode of Inside Your Head Podcast in “the mob in entertainment” series with guest Gianni Russo “Carlo” of “The Godfather”. Covering The Godfather, how he actually got the role as Carlo without any background in acting, feud with James Caan, friendship with Marlon Brando, having his throat slit in a Vegas nightclub, Frank Sinatra, Don Rickles, what celebrity was the best lover, growing up in the mob, beating multiple murder raps and much more!

One For My Baby” cover by Patrick Barnitt