Lili Bordan of The Nun and more!

inside_lilibordan2Lili Bordan joined Nasty Neal talking about her role in “The Nun”, Casablanca historical drama “Curtiz”, artificial intelligence, Bonnie Aarons, religion and spiritualism, “Westworld”,  Mary Steenburgen, producing, “Book Club”, writing and much more!

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“All Work and No Play” by Murderock

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Photos courtesy of Roxanne Turpen.


Sam Medina of Venom and more!


Sam Medina joined Nasty Neal! Sam discusses “Mile 22” with Mark Wahlberg, “Venom” with Tom Hardy, martial arts, injuries in the business, Robert Rodriguez, Tom Cruise, Danny Trejo, Ronda Rousey, directorial debut with “Code Name The Dragon” and more!

“Pharaoh of New Orleans” by The Tomb of Nick Cage

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Gianni Russo of The Godfather

First episode of Inside Your Head Podcast in “the mob in entertainment” series with guest Gianni Russo “Carlo” of “The Godfather”. Covering The Godfather, how he actually got the role as Carlo without any background in acting, feud with James Caan, friendship with Marlon Brando, having his throat slit in a Vegas nightclub, Frank Sinatra, Don Rickles, what celebrity was the best lover, growing up in the mob, beating multiple murder raps and much more!

One For My Baby” cover by Patrick Barnitt