Christina Elizabeth Smith of “NCIS: New Orleans”


Christina Elizabeth Smith the newest cast member of “NCIS: New Orleans”. Christina talks about about the character Ginny Young, working with Scott Bakula, New Orleans, Mickey Keating“Psychopaths”, her short film “Pretext”Netflix“The Groundlings”, comedy and more!

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“Pharaoh of New Orleans” by The Tomb of Nick Cage


Eric Braeden of The Young and the Restless


Eric Braeden of “Young and the Restless” joined Inside Your Head. Eric went over being born in Nazi Germany during WWII, how being a German American impacted his life, sports, “Escape From The Planet of the Apes”, Jesse Ventura, channeling his rage for acting, Marlon Brando, Bill Bell, the character of Victor Newman, getting his Hollywood star, “Titanic”, James Cameron and more!

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“Puppet on a String” by The Other.

Wayne Pere of Venom!


Wayne Pere joined Nasty Neal! Wayne plays Dr. Emerson in the current #1 film “Venom”! We went over “The Watchmen” coming to HBO, Chuck Norris on “Walker Texas Ranger”, Tom Hardy, “Fonzo”, “Galaxy Quest”, “American Horror Story”, “Kink” how he got into acting and more!

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“Pharaoh of New Orleans” by The Tomb of Nick Cage

Lili Bordan of The Nun and more!

inside_lilibordan2Lili Bordan joined Nasty Neal talking about her role in “The Nun”, Casablanca historical drama “Curtiz”, artificial intelligence, Bonnie Aarons, religion and spiritualism, “Westworld”,  Mary Steenburgen, producing, “Book Club”, writing and much more!

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“All Work and No Play” by Murderock

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Photos courtesy of Roxanne Turpen.